About India

Welcome to My Dinner Designer! My name is India, I am 25 years old, and I absolutely love food. This blog was born from that love of food. When I was in undergrad, I had a dinner club at my apartment that I held every Sunday night with 16 friends. I called it the Five Dollar Dinner Club, because I charged everyone $5 to attend and eat as much as they wanted. Of course I never broke even, but the most important thing to me was just to have the opportunity to create food full of love for the people I cherished. When I went on to grad school, it became harder to find time to cook for myself, let alone time to have people over. I lost a bit of myself during that time, while chasing other parts of myself. Fast forward two years, and I am now finding myself being drawn back to my love of food in a new and exciting way: sharing my passion with you!

Here I will share with you my life through food. A few things you may find out about my tastes include: I don’t like fish, I love red wine, chocolate is a friend, cheese is a way of life, baking is a form of therapy, and I love a good challenge.

Things you may learn about my life outside of food: I love my dog Harley, I am a hopeless romantic, I have a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, and I have a heart for people.

I hope as we explore this world of food together we can learn more about each other. No matter what, I hope we make delicious food that brings you more confidence in the kitchen.