Welcome to My Dinner Designer

IMG_6085Picture this scenario: A very important someone is coming to dinner at your house this week. Maybe it is your boyfriend’s parents. Maybe it is your boss, and you are looking for a raise. Maybe it is your new in-laws. Maybe its a government official, I don’t know! No matter who you are picturing in this scenario, you want to impress them with your food skills, right? Theres just one problem…cooking impressive meals can be daunting.

Not anymore!

Hi, my name is India, and I am here to be your very own Dinner Designer. In my years of cooking, I have found that my friends are always searching for recipes that are easy, delicious, and a little bit impressive. But my generation is evolving from the “never cooked a day in my life” older siblings, and we are becoming more and more interested in returning to our kitchens with our kale and our spaghetti squash to create elaborate and delicious meals to share on Instagram. Am I right, or am I right?

So what’s the point?

IMG_6201My goal is to help you cook meals that you always wanted to cook, always wondered about, but never had the guts to try. I am going to be your guide through the intimidating recipes that you know would impress your friends and family, but you never tried before.

This is My Dinner Designer, and I can’t wait to introduce you to your inner chef.